Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Traditional and Modern Blouses

Indian Blouses

Indian blouses are very many in designs to make all the Indian diversified people happy with their desires. This is simply because India has a long tradition with many religions, castes and accordingly cultures emanated from India, adjoining Asian and Eastern countries as well from the Western and other parts of the world.

Let us explore the varieties and designs of blouses primarily based on their lengths and sizes. You will have surprise to know about the kinds of blouses with variation in the length of the garment.

Long blouses with high neck and long sleeves:

There are long blouses that are customary to Muslim women folk. They wear very long kurthas or blouses with good body length up to the buttocks. They used to have sleeves also very lengthy to cover the wrists with buttons or hooks. The back neck may have collars or high neck with out collars. The front neck will be close or will have a high neck to cover the chest above the breasts too. These blouses are suitable as tops for skirts and jeans. In general this high neck, close neck or collar neck blouses hold the back tightly and do not get loosened. This is a special character that enhances the firmness of the breasts and upholds their rigidity.

Half Blouses:

The blouse height is only up to the waist and it is called half blouse generally. Some prefer to have three fourth lengths, medium or short length sleeves normally. This kind of blouses will have close or high necks some time. But, mainly these blouses will have medium and low cut necks on the back and medium cut front necks. The blouses will be tight enough to hold the breasts firmly of course with suitable brassieres. These blouses are worn as tops for wearing traditional sarees with in-skirts as supports and also seal the transparency of the sarees.

Neck depths and Sleeve Lengths

The blouses are traditionally Indian models with changing sleeve lengths and neck depths, shapes and sizes. There could be deep necks openings on the back with multi varied designs with strings to tie to tighten and uphold the beautiful breasts. Need less to say the beauty is improved with embroidery and stone works.

Tight and Comfort Blouses

There are blouses are specially meant for youth or women having medium sized breasts. These low neck blouses will have a tendency to get loosened or widened on the back shoulder. This makes the breasts get sagged if tight fitting brassieres are not worn. The blouse stitching needs extra care to have tight fitting at the shoulders, armpits, upper hooks and also at the line under the breasts. The blouse should embrace the body and breast line tightly as if glued and comfortably too. The blouse becomes the part and partial of the woman’s body.

Sleeveless Blouses

There are blouses with out sleeves. The shoulder length and shoulder band width have a say on the beauty of these sleeveless blouse. Further, care is taken to see that the arm pit is covered adequately, not to show too much of it. The back and front neck depths are constructed as desired by the consumer in question. Some will prefer to have back open blouses, when the designer has a good job to see that the front cups hold the breasts firmly.

Shoulder String Blouses

Some people wish to wear special kind of beautiful blouses for a single occasion. To be a special exhibit in the crowd, the beauty model may wish to wear blouse without the upper shoulder bands. But these blouses will have supports with straight or cross strings on the back and front upper chest. There should be special kind of strapless brassieres to support the breasts and blouses. The blouses are adorned with stones and embroidery works. The beauty model may wear sarees or long skirts with a duppatta or shawl to cover and uncover the beautiful blouses at the show time.

Innovative Designs in Blouses

Cine stars have great aspirations to expose their beauty at necessary intervals. The long neck and wide shoulders, open chest and breast-cleavages and luxurious breasts, starving stomachs and curved hips with sumptuous buttocks are shown under the transparency of sarees. These cine stars need special kind of blouses only for this special purpose of exhibition to fans to maintain their charismatic appeal.

Minimum clothing and Maximum Exposure

There are special tailors at the disposal of these cine stars, who are capable of designing such blouses with minimum cloths and maximum exposure. These blouses makers may go to any extent just to cover the legally banned parts of women in beauty parades. Some slippages had made great news also in such world class events.

BELIEVE IT: These are all Blouses!

These are all special kind of blouses worn by cine stars only to show mostly their beautiful body structures and textures. Of course, these blouses bring up the sensual charisma that needed at times. If you think these blouses are disposable after a single use,you are correct as these are used once on that occasion only.